Intelligence is not artificial

Throughout its more 150 years of existence, Daher has continually nurtured and applied its original spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation of its origins to stand out distinctively in all its markets. To respond even more effectively to the current and future needs of its customers, Daher has adopted a 360° commitment to innovation:

  • on the one hand, large-scale R&T projects with a timescale of between 3 and 10 years to design the competitive solutions and manufacturing processes of tomorrow that will set us distinctively apart from competitors;
  • on the other hand, an open innovation strategy built around the sharing of expertise to accelerate the process of innovation.  Two agile structures operating within dynamic and innovative ecosystems – the DaherLab in France and Armstrong by Daher in Silicon Valley – are tasked with identifying promising and/or disruptive concepts and technologies from academic, industrial, startup, SME and other sources, testing them and supporting their implementation in our production plants and logistics hubs.
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    Technologies industrially implemented and deployed

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    Technologies currently in the process of deployment and industrial-scale implementation

  • 8 500

    Hours of digital and innovation training provided

What is at stake

To secure and optimize your industrial supply chain

We are leveraging digital technologies like…

We are leveraging digital technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cockpit supply chain and Open blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain of our own production plants and those of our industrial customers.

To ramp-up and to gain competitiveness

We are investing simultaneously in the development…

We are investing simultaneously in the development of new materials and production processes, and the massive integration of digital technologies in our factories to manufacture better, faster and at lower cost.

Zero defects quality

Making smart use of Industry 4.0 data by using…

Making smart use of Industry 4.0 data by using innovative technologies – Big Data analytics, machine learning, AI, etc. – to optimize our production processes, anticipate malfunctions and improve quality control of manufactured components.

Our 3 entities

R&T to improve our product offering and expertise

R&T to improve our product offering and expertise

To meet the future needs of the aerospace industry by being ready on time, at the right level of maturity and at the right cost, Daher has defined a technological roadmap in the form of a series of collaborative and in-house R&T projects that will allow us to offer competitive medium- and long-term solutions that will set us distinctively apart over the next 3 to 10 years. The challenge is to improve not only our product range, but also the associated manufacturing processes.

Examples include new-generation materials (thermoplastic composites), robotization, cobotization and the digital factory.

R&T also allows Daher to stand out distinctively from its competitors in the highly competitive logistics markets, where it allows us to design digital solutions that boost the quality and productivity of our services.

Examples include Design to Execute, a software tool that allows us to simulate our logistics packages on the basis of customer specifications by integrating a broad range of data types, including warehouse and product flow simulation, 3D modeling, etc

DaherLab, the performance accelerator

DaherLab, the performance accelerator

To fully meet the new needs and expectations of its customers, Daher is accelerating the pace of its own transformation. The DaherLab is an agile structure dedicated to short-term innovation to secure quick wins that deliver significant improvements in terms of production and/or services.
The mission of DaherLab is:
– to identify promising concepts and technologies originated externally by startups or innovative SMEs, or derived from our own operations via our PoC Together in-house participative innovation program
– to test them qualitatively and quantitatively to demonstrate their relevance to our activities over short cycles using agile methods, such as Proof of Concept (PoC)
– to support their deployment within our production plants, platforms and facilities where the required level of return on investment can be demonstrated.

Its dual ability to connect innovation with operational needs, and manage the entire process from idea to deployment in a few months, makes DaherLab a unique strike force in the market, and one that our customers will soon be able to use to meet their own needs.

Armstrong by Daher, to get ahead of the curve

Armstrong by Daher, to get ahead of the curve

Based in Silicon Valley at the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic innovation ecosystems, the Armstrong by Daher program is designed to identify disruptive technologies likely to have a major impact on our manufacturing and services businesses going forward, and promote their adoption by the entire Group; technology such as AI and blockchain
In its first year, the Armstrong team has established contacts with a large number of Californian startups and entered into several promising initial partnerships with Authenticiti (open blockchain solution), Parsable (the Connected Worker platform), AVRL (Artificial Intelligence) and Calistream (Data).
The Armstrong by Daher program also includes immersive one-week learning expeditions that give Group representatives from a broad spectrum of business line and country backgrounds the chance to meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and embrace new ways of working in a completely different world where success is achieved whatever it takes.

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