Defining the future of hybrid-electric aviation

EcoPulse™ is a distributed propulsion hybrid aircraft demonstrator developed by Daher, Safran and Airbus with the support of France’s CORAC civil aviation research council. It is one of the French aeronautics industry’s major collaborative projects, and contributes to the decarbonization objectives that the air transportation sector has targeted to achieve by 2050. 

  • In carrying out the responsibilities for installing components and systems, along with flight testing, global analysis and airworthiness compliance, Daher has adapted its demonstrator aircraft platform. This platform will validate the integration and compatibility of a hybrid system with distributed propulsion – all while achieving the necessary level of safety.
  • Safran supplies the complete EcoPulse™ electric propulsion system (excluding batteries), which consists of: a turbogenerator (a combined turbine and power generator); an electric power management system; and integrated electric thrusters (or e-Propellers) – including their electric motors and propellers.
  • Airbus is assigned the aircraft demonstrator’s aerodynamic optimization, the evolution of flight control laws for the distributed propulsion system, as well as developing the high-voltage battery.

By combining their innovation strategies and expertise, Daher, Safran and Airbus are focusing on the benefits of distributed hybrid propulsion to reduce the environmental footprint of future commercial aircraft.

With the first flight scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2022, the EcoPulse™ demonstrator’s goals are to develop technologies that:

  • Reduce polluting emissions;
  • Reduce noise pollution; and
  • Create new applications for air transportation.

“With the EcoPulse™ demonstrator, Daher intends to develop the key architectural principles for future hybrid aircraft. This project reaffirms our commitment to more efficient and eco-responsible aviation, building on our expertise as a general aviation manufacturer with the Kodiak and TBM airplane product lines.”

Pascal Laguerre, Daher’s Chief Technology Officer