A major manufacturer of advanced composite structures for aircraft

As a Tier 1 partner in leading civilian and military aircraft programs, Daher invests in research and cutting-edge technologies to design and develop new materials and processes that meet the aerospace sector’s critical challenges: mass, competitiveness and production rates.

With the ability to produce complex composite parts using automated processes, Daher offer its customers mature, alternative and complementary solutions to metallic parts. Advances in new thermoplastic composites enable the company to meet the challenges of new generation aircraft that must be more efficient, more economical and more eco-responsible.

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    Production sites located on 3 continents

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    Major aviation programs supplied by Daher

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    complementary areas of expertise: metallics, thermoset composites, thermoplastics, assembly and installation

Our added value

  • An aircraft manufacturer at the service of aircraft manufacturers

    Daher has a unique capability to experiment and demonstrate technologies and processes using its TBM aircraft as a platform. The company tests new technologies and their certifiability for the benefit of its customers.

  • A global presence

    Our global presence, including on the final assembly lines of its customers, enables us to be responsive and to optimize costs and deadlines.

  • A constant investment in developments

    We are constantly investing in the development of our aerostructure capabilities to respond to requirements of future major aircraft programs: a mastery of design and co-design with customers, technological benchmarks, mass production technologies for metallic and advanced thermoset composites and thermoplastics, as well as the production of large assemblies and structural parts.

Our offer

Fuselage elements, doors and fairings

Fuselage elements, doors and fairings

Daher designs and assembles large subassemblies for fuselages: landing gear doors, fuselage ventral fairings, as well as structural parts.

Wings and empennages

Wings and empennages

Daher is well-positioned to produce the wing sub-assemblies: ribs, spars, caissons, leading edges, moveable structures and tail booms.

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