Applying our expertise to improve the passenger experience

The cabin has become a major focus for the aviation industry. In a healthy forward market which will see around 30,000 new airliners built and equipped over the next 20 years, Daher provides value-added solutions that cover every aspect of aircraft interiors.

In today’s industry, design requirements range from complete interior design to modular and one-off solutions. Meeting those requirements demands proven design capabilities, a highly skilled workforce, expertise in energy-efficient materials and systems, and experience in supply chain management.

Daher is a preferred partner for aircraft interior design services, offering a unique combination of design, manufacturing, product and process engineering, installation and after-sales services.

  • 400

    floor covering kits produced and installed annually

  • 50%

    Of Airbus A350XWB cabins are entirely installed by Daher

  • 100%

    Of ATR regional airliners are equipped with Daher cargo nets

  • 25,000

    Insulation blankets produced every month

  • 5

    production facilities located close to customer manufacturing plants

Our added value

  • Expertise and agility

    Our teams combine expertise and agility to ensure that our customers receive the benefit of shorter cycle times and greater flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness.

  • End-to-end solutions

    We offer end-to-end solutions from design, development and production through to installation, including management of every link in the supply chain and after-sales services.

  • Digital solutions for every need

    We use digital solutions to optimize cabin configuration management requirements and shorten delivery lead times.

  • Customer support

    We support our end-user customers through their qualification and certification phases.

  • A worldwide industrial organization

    Our worldwide organization allows us to tailor our manufacturing as closely as possible to the needs of our customers.

Our offer



Drawing on our capabilities as an aircraft industry service provider, we also offer a comprehensive in-situ installation service for aircraft interiors. Our teams have all the expertise and skills required to install all cabin components – seats, toilets, trim panels, etc. – or a complete cockpit. All these operations involve a range of different disciplines central to our offering, including installation, quality control, methods and logistics coordination.

Floor coverings

Floor coverings

We draw on our dual expertise in industry and services to provide our customers with a complete range of turnkey products and services, from management to raw material sourcing, qualification validation and verification, customization to meet layout requirements, kit production, delivery and installation in customers’ production facilities.

Cargo nets

Cargo nets

Daher designs and manufactures cargo nets and anti-intrusion security blinds for its aircraft manufacturer customers.

Thermal and sound insulation

Thermal and sound insulation

Our thermal and acoustic insulation solutions protect aircraft interiors from temperature fluctuations, noise and humidity.

Air distribution systems

Air distribution systems

We manufacture low-pressure air distribution systems at our Tangier and Nogales production facilities.

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