Our digital expertise serves the supply chain

The global supply chain is a powerful performance vector. Daher offers value-added engineering services, including the development of digital service offerings such as automation, the digitalization of factories and business processes (AVG, drones, Blockchain, robotic process automation, data analysis) to improve the efficiency of industrial tasks.

Our added value

  • Smart offers

    The capability to offer smart integrated offerings and turnkey solutions.


  • Customer support

    The ability to support customers in their quest for global efficiency, performance and competitiveness.

Our offer

Supply Chain design

Supply Chain design

Daher provides engineering services to design and optimize logistics and industrial projects for the reduction of capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX): modeling, simulation and optimization of logistics and industrial flows and deployment of logistic systems (WMS, warehouse automation and robotization, RPA, Blockchain, etc.)

Managed supply chain services

Managed supply chain services

Daher supports the outsourcing of supply chain functions on behalf of its customers from the “business process outsourcing” mode to the “business process as a service” mode. Based on its expertise as an industrial and service provider, as well as benefitting from its digital solutions, Daher secures and optimizes supply procurement operations – while also anticipating and managing shortcomings (production control) and flow control. These services can be provided on a client’s site, or on a dedicated Daher location, or on a shared site.

The digital solutions proposed by Daher are tested for its own needs, such as:
– Supply chain cockpits by Daher Analytics: supply, scheduling, transport and
overall management of packaging/tooling,
– Partnerships with startups and technology partners (Authenticity for Blockchain, DCbrain for artificial intelligence, Contextor for robotic process automation.)

Testimonials / Use cases