Daher launches its new “Imagineering by Daher” open innovation program, designed to energize its business transformation and leverage collective intelligence to drive the decarbonization of the aerospace industry. This new program is structured around five axes: #explore, #connect, #test, #scale and #communicate.

The mission: collectively find answers to the challenges of industry and ecological transition.

How? By exploring, connecting, testing and evolving every great idea imagined as having the potential to positively transform Daher’s business.

Five areas of focus for innovation

#Explore: Monitoring new and emerging trends in our own industry and beyond

The Imagineering team will identify emerging trends and analyze their potential impact on the aerospace industry by conducting studies and foresight surveys across a broad spectrum of sectors, including luxury goods, cosmetics, sport and automotive.

Use Case

#Connect: Creating more synergies between industry players

Encouraging and facilitating internal and external synergies and business collaborations are key goals of this new program.

The creation of an Imagineers community open to all will be made possible by upscaling the open innovation team which, historically based in Paris, will now have a presence in all Daher regional tech centers and international operating sites.

Use Case

#Test: Growing together

Proof of Concept (PoC) comes with its own limitations.  Future collaborations must go beyond this stage to include prototyping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) programs, pilot projects, etc. – depending on the degree of solution maturity and the ability of Daher and its market to incorporate them.

Use Case

#Scale: Accelerating rollouts

Upon the successful completion of test phases, Imagineering will focus on accelerating the rollout of solutions through strategic alliances in the form of partnerships, venture capital injection or corporate venture building.

Use Case

#Communicate: Making our careers more attractive

Imagineering also will work to make our industry more attractive to talented potential employees by highlighting the close links between innovation and manufacturing, and the large and rich diversity of career opportunities.

Imagineering will implement an inspirational communications strategy with an editorial line that targets today’s new generations by showcasing the many fascinating projects and players at work in our ecosystems.

L’équipe :

  • Sebastien LEROY (Open Innovation)
  • Stanislas BOROWSKI (Open Innovation)
  • Gabriel RAFFOUR (Imagineering)
  • Chloé PHILIPPON (Imagineering)
  • Maxime VICAIRE (Imagineering x Log’in)
  • Aris KABI (alternant Imagineering)
  • Baptiste LENEVEU (alternant Imagineering)
  • 2

    prospective studies launched / year

  • 15

    tests (PoC, prototype, MVP, pilot) launched / year

  • 50 %

    industrialized tests

  • 4

    partnerships signed with startups