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The future of industry is being written today and YOU will be driving these innovations. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, further your career by tackling some of the greatest challenges that industry has to offer, with Daher.

Discover our DNA, between history and boldness

We recently celebrated our 150th anniversary. 150 years of history forged through decisive choices and collective successes. Our genetic make-up combines historic feats of logistics, the legend of the skies, Morane-Saulnier, France’s pioneering nuclear program, as well as the deployment of major aerospace and defence programs and the tackling of new energy challenges.

Since 1863, the successive challenges we have been able to anticipate and overcome, have enabled us to progressively expand our scope of action, and to be recognized today as one of the major players of the industrial world.

Our day-to-day commitment and hard work has been rewarded by regular growth, commensurate with our unerring ambition. This is why we have every confidence in the future of our company as we project our future develoment on the international stage. We want you to craft this future with us.

Patrick Daher, CEO
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“Our future will be played on a global scale. It will be played within each of you.”

Integrate a humanist group, revealing talents

Carried by several generations of entrepreneurs, Daher is a family group.
That is why, even as leader, we ensure to lead our development with profoundly humanistic values that made our identity.
We make a point of honor that every employee receives upon his arrival the best integration and the best training from the diversity of our trades.
Indeed, we believe that trust and autonomy constitute a fertile ground for the free expression of your technical and creative potential.

This individual and collective intelligence is the foundation of our vision for the future of the industry. Supported by the latest technology, the human will play a decisive role at the heart of our plants. It is this place that we offer today.

Join the Pioneers of the 3rd industrial revolution

Intelligent, hyper-connected, super-responsive: the new challenges of the future plant are already our reality. Automation, robotics, cobotics or 3D printing facilitate the daily lives of our employees. The exponential use of connected objects and augmented reality is also a great opportunity to increase your intuition and know-how.
In parallel, we also invite you to discover a unique response method to overall problems of our customers: integrated industrial systems. Through this turnkey solution that combines our industry expertise and our service expertise, we reinvent our business to better express our creativity.

Armed with spirit of anticipation, we participate in the current major industrial achievements and we are already on the rows of major upcoming projects.
At the heart of this fusion between the material and the immaterial, you belong with us.
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