For sustainable leadership in the industry of the future

Sustainability and durability are not empty words for a company created nearly 160 years ago. These intrinsic qualities of Daher result from a strong capacity for innovation and openness for the future. As a responsible company, Daher implements an integrated CSR strategy across all its operations. Closely linked to its economic performance, this stratégy ensures the company’s future through innovative and inspiring projects: decarbonization, health and safety, ethics, etc.

Our commitments

Our implementation of a responsible strategy encompasses three areas of commitment and 12 challenges

Reinforce the cohesion between employees and shareholders

  • Develop the commitment of employees, as well as management
  • Ensure diversity and equity
  • Sustain shareholder governance and the openness of our model of family capitalism
  • Develop cohesion between our employees and shareholders

2023 CSR indicators

  • Absenteeism rate : 3,3%

  • 10 projects supported by the family and corporate foundation FONDAHER

  • 25% women in the group

  • Gender equality index by company (2023/2022):

    • DAHER AEROSPACE: 88/78
    • DAHER VALVES: 85/66
    • GROUP: 88/83

Act as a responsible partner of our stakeholders

  • Strengthen the employability of employees
  • Develop dialogue with stakeholders on the areas where Daher is present
  • Strengthen our approach to responsible purchasing
  • Integrate CSR into our businesses and offers, which is an added value for our customers

2023 CSR indicators

  • 7,8% of our employees are people with disabilities

  • Integration of stakeholders in a materiality analysis

  • 79% of employees have completed at least one training

  • 72% of buyers trained in sustainable procurement

Manage our operations responsibly, today and tomorrow

  • Improve safety for our employees
  • Minimize our impact on the environment
  • Maintain respect for business ethics and oppose all forms of corruption
  • Ensure the security of products, services and data

2023 CSR indicators

  • 61% of our employees work on an ISO 140001 certified environment site

  • Percentage of executive managers and exposed persons trained in business ethics: 80%

  • Lost time injury frequency rate : 13,6

  • Carbon emissions from Scopes 1&2 in France : 21 832 tons of CO2e

Our stakes

Since 2017, Daher is formally committed to the United Nations in supporting the UN Global Compact’s initiatives for human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

In 2023, Daher carried out its second materiality analysis after the one carried out four years earlier: a formal process of listening to and consulting with its stakeholders on its CSR challenges.  

This materiality analysis identified the Group”s priority issues :

  • Employee health and safety
  • Quality and safety of products and services
  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Climate change mitigation

In general, the relative importance of environmental issues linked to climate change and energy has increased significantly: a development consistent with Daher’s strategic choices.

Since 2021 the CSR ambassadors actively supports a responsible strategy for the Group at each of its sites or regions. Appointed on a voluntary basis, these highly motivated individuals kick-start projects in the regions by getting employees, managers and executives involved. Now a team of 52 people, they represent the diverse nature of the company’s businesses and are present throughout France and Morocco.

Our themes

  • A true mix of professionals

    At the request of the Governance Committee (which is a body of the Board of Directors), a review of professional equality was initiated in 2018. Its focus was based on the following question: In a sector that is typically male, how can greater diversity be ensured at all levels of the business?

    One year later, the company launched a dedicated “D4her” program with the aim of promoting professional equality between women and men within the Group.

    Daher’s determination to ensure its diversity and equal opportunities initiatives in 2021 is what led to the publication of the Equal Opportunities Guide, which proposes a three-part action plan:

    • Workplace fundamentals, which aim at creating a safe workplace setting and working environment for women;
    • Open social environment, with the goal of setting the right conditions for female talent development; and
    • An attractive place to work, which aims at creating the right conditions for making careers at Daher more attractive to women.
  • Non-discrimination

    Daher’s approach as a socially responsible company supports its employees by proposing changes and mobility while securing their career paths.

    Throughout the recruitment process, the Group’s humanistic values – including respect and trust in relationships, a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurship and movement, creativity and innovation – are omnipresent.

    Among these topics of diversity, the company is particularly proud of its support for maintaining the employment of staff members with disabilities (7,8% employees with disabilities as a percentage of all employees).

    Code of Ethics and Good Conduct
    You are applicant

  • The quality of life at work

    The quality of life at work for each employee is taken into account within the Group, from both the individual and collective points of view.

    In each employment area, social services are available to employees and managers in order to process all specific requests and ensure their participation in improvement projects.

    For the very fist time in 2023, the Talk’in survey asked all employees about the quality of life and working conditions (QLWC) within the company. 4,862 people responded, i.e. a participation rate of 59%, and the results are rich in lessons to guide our QLWC policy

  • Sponsorship

    Fondaher is an endowment fund initiated by the Daher family and supported by the company with the participation of its employees to promote values passed down from generation to generation for nearly 160 years.

    Its main mission is to promote sustainable access or return-to-employment for vulnerable groups through training for excellence. To this end, it supports several associations; each year, following a call for projects, it finances more than 10 associations in which the company’s employees or members of the Daher family are involved.

    Since 2018, some 60 projects have benefited from the financial support of Fondaher via the call for projects (ten of which were backed in 2023).

    Fondaher website

  • Responsible Purchasing

    Since December 20, 2022, Daher has held the RFAR Label and is today, on the 02/01/2023, one of the 79 labeled.

    Awarded for a period of three years, the Supplier Relations & Responsible Purchasing Label aims to distinguish French companies that have demonstrated lasting and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

    It’s the first label in this area awarded by the public authorities.


    In order to comply with regulatory requirements and to be aligned with its CSR goals, Daher formalized at the end of 2021 a responsible procurement policy focusing on three key priorities:

    • Compliance with the 10 commitments set out in France’s Responsible Supplier Relations Charter;
    • Creating value with our suppliers by building strong, long-term partnerships; and
    • A global initiative that involves every link in the company’s supply chain.

    Daher has a supplier code of ethics, a responsible purchasing charter, and standard clauses covering CSR aspects in its new contracts.

    Responsible Purchasing Charter

  • Environment

    Daher’s consideration of its environmental responsibilities has been well established for some time. As a benchmark industrial player, the Group always has paid particular attention to regulatory and legal compliance with its duties, and has taken care to limit its environmental impact.

    In order to contribute to the preservation of resources, Daher set up initiatives to control its waste along with the consumption of energy and water, while at the same time promoting awareness among all its stakeholders.

    On the basis of the “Bilan Carbone” (“Carbon Footprint”) assessment conducted across all activities in 2019, the Group presented its first Climate Strategy in 2021.

    Within this framework, Daher has made four fundamental commitments:

    #1: To work on reducing its operational emissions in line with the Paris Agreement (the +2°C scenario);

    #2: To make the challenge of reducing CO2e emissions an integral part of of the company’s mobility and procurement policies;

    #3: To help reduce emissions resulting from the use of the company’s products (which alone represent 93% of Daher’s carbon footprint); and

    #4: To train and inform Daher teams about the challenges posed by the climate transition and the carbon performance of the Group.

    The EcoPulse™ distributed propulsion hybrid aircraft demonstrator is part of Daher’s  commitment to a decarbonized aviation industry.

  • Work safety

    Throughout Daher’s history, employee safety has always been one of the founding principles of the responsible capitalism strategy on which the Group has been built.

    Its uncompromising commitment to employee safety is reflected in the Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy document approved by the CEO. This strategy also is channeled through the SeeD operational excellence program and its SeeD Safety component –which identifies safety as the most important issue and the essential starting point for operational performance.

    Since the end of 2020, the management and Governance Committees decided to give new impetus to safety issues, developing the new Safety@Work program to deal with safety and accident prevention from an even more hands-on perspective with annual roadmaps for each region and site.


    Operational excellence

Local initiatives

AI to cut the energy consumption of buildings

AI to cut the energy consumption of buildings

Reducing the energy expenditure of logistics and industrial buildings by 15 to 25%, thanks to connected sensors and artificial intelligence, that’s the result of the Hestia project, based on the solution from the Kipsum startup.
The solution creates a digital twin of the building and an energy consumption profile based on the geometry of the site, ambient temperature and humidity, ventilation, heating settings, but also on staff usage habits. Artificial intelligence then intervenes to modulate heating, the primary energy source in a building. Energy optimization recommendations are also transmitted on a web or mobile dashboard. The tool, which has proven its effectiveness, is deployed or in the process of being deployed on several of the Group’s logistics and industrial sites.

Thermoplastics composites: 100% win-win recycling

Thermoplastics composites: 100% win-win recycling

The circular economy is an excellent way of reducing carbon footprints while ensuring greater profitability. The Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu plant, near Nantes, is proving this once again by recycling its thermoplastic composite production scraps. Previously buried in landfills, the five to ten tons of material annually will be crushed and granulated to manufacture new parts, such as rudder pedals. The goal is to obtain the necessary certifications to use this recycled material in other aerospace parts, among other applications…

Watch the video to learn more:

Mobilized to reduce consumables

Mobilized to reduce consumables

The “Reduction of consumables” challenge was enthusiastically led by our Open Innovation team in partnership with Air France Industrie (AFI). The objective was to embark on and highlight the innovative ideas and concepts of Daher and AFI employees to limit consumables, whatever they may be: paper, plastic, energy… The winner on the Daher side, out of the 23 applicants, is the Silico Presto project proposed by Nicolas Bauchet (Nantes). Its goal? Replace with silicone vacuum covers, reusable for 10 to 20 cycles, those made of plastic, used until now for oven polymerization cycles. The awards ceremony took place during the Paris Air Show.

“Elles bougent”: the future is written in the feminine

“Elles bougent”: the future is written in the feminine

Daher signed a partnership agreement with the “Elles Bougent” (“They are moving”) association in order to strengthen the presence of women within the Group in all professions. About twenty volunteers – godmothers (women occupying an engineering, scientific or technical profession) and relays (men or women with varied profiles working in the industry) – have the mission of informing the young women of the numerous scientific and technical career opportunities available to them. The godmothers talk about their journeys, their profession, the difficulties encountered, etc.
In the Nantes, Toulouse, Tarbes and Ile-de-France areas, interventions in middle and high schools, career forums and even innovation challenges and competitions have been organized. Visits to the Daher tech centers (Shap’in, Log’in) also took place, as did targeted actions during the Paris Air Show 2023.

A cleaner truck fleet immediately

A cleaner truck fleet immediately

Daher relies on PUR-XTL biofuel to reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet of vehicles. The first 30,000-liter tank was installed at the Corlog logistics site (Toulouse) in February 2023, followed by a second at Roissy in 2024. This equipment will allow trucks to benefit from the biofuel on 100% of the Toulouse-Hamburg routes, representing 60% of the kilometers covered each year. German stations allow refueling with PUR-XTL.
2,000 tonnes of CO2: the savings expected by 2025 with the use of PUR-XTL biofuel for all routes, including Toulouse-Hamburg.

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