For sustainable leadership in the industry of the future

Sustainability and durability are not empty words for a company created 155 years ago. These intrinsic qualities of Daher result from a strong capacity for innovation and openness for the future. Reinforced in 2017, Daher’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is part of the company’s “Succeed Together” strategic plan for the 2018-2022 timeframe. It aims to make the Group a leader in corporate social responsibility in its sectors of activity by 2022.

Its “Shaping the Future Together” strategy formalized Daher’s ambitions in achieving its goals and conducting its operations. The Group has set up an unprecedented and ambitious governance system that groups risk management, CSR, internal audit and transformation within a single department. Daher’s ambition is to create lasting value for its stakeholders, be they shareholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers or partners.

Our commitments

Our implementation of a responsible strategy encompasses three areas of commitment and 12 challenges

Reinforce the cohesion between employees and shareholders

  • Develop the commitment of employees, as well as management
  • Ensure diversity and equity
  • Sustain shareholder governance and the openness of our model of family capitalism
  • Develop cohesion between our employees and shareholders

2021 CSR indicators

  • Absenteeism rate : 4.3%

  • 9 projects supported by the family and corporate foundation FONDAHER

  • 25% women in the group

  • Gender equality index by company (2021/2020):

    • DAHER AEROSPACE: 88/88
    • DAHER VALVES: 61/83
    • GROUP: 88/88

Act as a responsible partner of our stakeholders

  • Strengthen the employability of employees
  • Develop dialogue with stakeholders on the areas where Daher is present
  • Strengthen our approach to responsible purchasing
  • Integrate CSR into our businesses and offers, which is an added value for our customers

2019 CSR indicators

  • 8.6% of our employees are people with disabilities

  • Integration of stakeholders in a materiality analysis

Manage our operations responsibly, today and tomorrow

  • Improve safety for our employees
  • Minimize our impact on the environment
  • Maintain respect for business ethics and oppose all forms of corruption
  • Ensure the security of products, services and data

2019 CSR indicators

  • 52% of our employees work on an ISO 140001 certified environment site

  • Proportion of employees who received business ethics training: 38%

Our stakes

In 2017, Daher formally committed to the United Nations to support the Global Compact initiatives for human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. In parallel – as part of a broad collaborative approach – Daher identified its main societal responsibility issues. A Steering Committee accompanied by a specialized firm has relied on the ISO 26000 standard’s guidelines to identify its most essential CSR issues.  

In 2018, a dialogue established with our stakeholders through a analysis of essential issues identified:

  • Four social issues (the health and safety of employees, working conditions and management, social dialogue and skills development),
  • Two governance issues (business ethics, dialogue with stakeholders), and
  • One societal issue (responsible purchasing).

From 2019, a network of CSR ambassadors will actively support a responsible strategy for the Group at each of its sites or regions. The ambassadors are responsible for ensuring a CSR-oriented mentality on a daily basis with the support of the Transformation, Risks and Sustainable Development Department.

Download our 2020 CSR Report

Our themes

  • A true mix of professionals

    At the request of the Governance Committee (which is a body of the Board of Directors), a review of professional equality was initiated in 2018. In a sector that is typically male, how can greater diversity be ensured at all levels of the business?

    In early February 2019, the company launched a dedicated “D4her” program with the aim of promoting professional equality between women and men within the Group.

  • Non-discrimination

    Our approach as a socially responsible company supports its employees by proposing changes and mobility while securing their career paths. Throughout the recruitment process, the Group’s humanistic values – including respect and trust in relationships, a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurship and movement, creativity and innovation – are omnipresent.

    Among these topics of diversity, the company is particularly proud of its support for maintaining the employment of staff members with disabilities. Daher has an exemplary employment rate in its sector of reference.

    Code of Ethics and Good Conduct
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  • The quality of life at work

    The quality of life at work for each employee is taken into account within the Group, from the individual as well as collective points of view.

    In each employment area, social services are available to employees and managers in order to process all specific requests and ensure their participation in improvement projects.

  • Sponsorship

    Created in 2012, the FONDAHER family foundation grouped all the sponsorship actions initiated by the family through 2017. The unification of this family foundation with Daher was finalized in 2018 to make it a “Family and Business” foundation whose main mission is to promote sustainable access to employment through excellence training. In July 2018, FONDAHER issued a call for projects to support associations in which Daher employees and members of the DAHER family are involved. Fifteen projects were funded, and in 2019, FONDAHER reiterated its sponsorship commitments with a new call for projects.

    Fondaher website

  • Responsible Purchasing

    Daher also is pursuing its approach of integrating social responsibility into its procurement processes in order to comply with regulatory requirements and to be in line with its CSR goals. Daher has a supplier code of ethics, a responsible purchasing charter and standard clauses covering CSR aspects in its new contracts.

    Responsible Purchasing Charter

  • Environment

    Daher’s consideration of its environmental responsibilities has been well established for some time. As a benchmark industrial player, the Group always has paid particular attention to regulatory and legal compliance with its duties, and has taken care to limit its environmental impact. In order to contribute to the preservation of resources, Daher set up initiatives to control its waste and the consumption of energy, while at the same time promoting awareness among all its stakeholders.

    Accompanied by the consultant Carbone 4, Daher committed to transforming its environmental impact into the carbon equivalent. The study consists of analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions of Daher’s production, as well as the transportation of the company’s raw materials, products and employees. The goals of this study are to identify the most polluting activities and to provide concrete solutions for tomorrow.

  • Work Safety

    The safety and environment approach is included in the various pillars of the SeeD Safety program: a culture of hygiene, safety and environment (HSE), risk management, regulatory compliance and the management of HSE events. From the launch of projects or the request-for-proposal phase, pivotal HSE elements are integrated into the SeeD Win and SeeD Launch methods, thereby anticipating and foreseeing the means and resources required for the activities concerned.

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