Daher signs a framework partnership agreement with the French Region of Occitanie to encourage the expansion of the industrial logistics sector and boost local employment

Toulouse, France

Toulouse, March 10, 2021 – The Occitanie Regional Council and Daher announce their signature of a 5-year renewable partnership agreement to expand the industrial logistics sector within the region, and support its transformation.

In today’s extremely uncertain economic environment, the Region of Occitanie and the Daher Group have entered into this framework agreement to highlight their commitments to developing, transforming and retaining logistics expertise within the region.

The regional economic recovery plan is specifically designed to ensure the security of the region’s manufacturing value chain of midsize, SME and startup businesses:

  • by developing new collaborative relationships between customers and suppliers
  • by supporting change and innovation in the industrial logistics sector (with the emphasis on digital change and innovation)
  • at the same time as reducing the environmental impact of the logistics sector, which has a particularly large footprint

With a unique body of expertise gained over more than 150 years, and its leadership in industrial logistics today, the Daher Group is convinced that improving and transforming this sector is essential for its businesses to remain competitive, and that this can only be achieved by working collectively. It is for this reason that it wants to open its Corlog logistics center of excellence in Cornebarrieu (near Toulouse) to a group of manufacturing stakeholders committed to delivering improvements in logistics chains (transportation and logistics specialists, major industrial companies, manufacturing SMEs and midsize companies, solution providers, etc.).

The purpose of forming a partnership around Corlog is to build an ambitious and unifying project that will benefit the entire Occitanie-based industrial logistics sector. Developed out of clearly identify strategic priorities, this project has 4 interconnected goals:

  • To create an open innovation space for the logistics sector of the future: a space within the 18,000 m2 Corlog platform will be dedicated to technology-driven development and collaborative innovation. SMEs, startups and academics will use this space to experiment and prepare for the industrial-scaling and rollout of tomorrow’s technologies
  • To set up collaborative R&D projects: collaborative R&D projects will be launched within the Corlog open and collaborative innovation platform in response to the challenges of streamlining and ensuring the security of supply chains, and reducing the environmental footprint of the logistics sector
  • To leverage human capital and training: the open and collaborative innovation platform will offer dedicated training programs to support the transformation of logistics skills, with particular emphasis on the rollout of digital and robotic technologies. The Region will mobilize its Innov’Emploi scheme to support experimental and innovative employment and training projects, and design training programs that meet the precise needs of the sector, and address the changes driven by developments in areas of expertise significantly impacted by the digital transformation and the introduction of new digital tools
  • To promote logistics expertise and disseminate innovative practices: as part of promoting the center of excellence and the industrial logistics sector, its technologies and expertise regionally and nationally, Daher and the Regional Council will work alongside a network of institutional, economic and academic partners, and engage in a shared and concerted communication plan, including hosting dedicated events in conjunction with the Regional Maison de l’Orientation educational and vocational guidance center publicizing their work

Didier Kayat, CEO of Daher: “As an aircraft manufacturer, Daher is well aware of all the issues involved in optimizing flows upstream of assembly lines and the need for digital integration of the supply chain. Our signature of this partnership with the Region of Occitanie reaffirms the regional identity of Daher and the central role it plays in the French aviation industry. It recognizes our key role, our expertise and our skills as a specialist in aviation industry logistics, at the same time as being a mark of confidence in our talent for innovation, which has been so clearly demonstrated throughout our long history.”

“This partnership is designed to prepare now for the future of the logistics sector by focusing on innovation and training to boost economic and environmental performance. By giving our backing to the Corlog platform, we have the ability to draw on the expertise of a recognized industry leader as we support the growth and technological revolution of the logistics industry to succeed in the major challenges of the future and retain regional jobs and skills.”

Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie Region