French industrial logistics specialist DAHER opens the Berlin headquarters for its business development in Germany and Austria


Industrial logistics specialist DAHER inaugurated a regional headquarters in Berlin today with the goal of supporting its business growth in Germany and Austria.

From left to right: Patrick Jeanroy, SVP Services, DAHER ; Didier Kayat, CEO of DAHER ; Maarten Muller, Managing Director of DAHER Logistik and DAHER Aerospace in Germany

“As an experienced industrial partner, we have an extensive understanding of the logistics requirements for industry – particularly the aviation, rail and automotive sectors,” stated Didier Kayat, CEO of the DAHER Group. “We want to offer our German and Austrian customers even better service from Berlin with the establishment of this new regional headquarters.”

Maarten Muller, the Managing Director of DAHER Logistik and DAHER Aerospace in Germany, explained Berlin’s choice as the regional headquarters location: “Geographically, Berlin offers great advantages due to the convergence of national and international infrastructure at the German capital city.”

In Germany, DAHER currently employs 900 persons. Worldwide, DAHER’s employment totals 10,000 people, and the company recorded a turnover of 1.1 billion euros in 2021.

DAHER offers comprehensive internal logistics services for its customers, which include the industry’s leaders from aviation, rail and automotive sectors. These services are tailored to meet customers’ needs, and they range from implementing automated high-bay warehouses and deploying trained logistics personnel to providing digital supply chain services and optimizing the respective flows of goods.

In Germany and Austria, DAHER operates logistics centers for companies ranging in size from 10 to several hundred employees.