Daher inaugurates its Log’In innovation center at Cornebarrieu near Toulouse, France, which is dedicated to logistics services of the future


Log’In inauguration at Cornebarrieu, France on September 19, 2022
From left to right: Patrick Daher, Chairman, Daher’s Board of Directors; Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region; Etienne Guyot, the Préfet of the Occitanie region and its Haute-Garonne department; and Didier Kayat, Daher’s Chief Executive Officer.

The goal of this project – jointly financed by Daher, the French government and the Occitanie /Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region – is to accelerate the logistics sector’s transformation by responding to technical, economic, human and environmental challenges in an innovative and collaborative framework.

Daher is a well-established logistics supplier, providing comprehensive services for a range of customers in Europe, the U.S. and beyond, covering the aviation, energy, automotive and rail industries.

  1. The location and the means to create, experiment and validate the logistics tools of tomorrow in real conditions; determine their product/market suitability; and accelerate the time it takes to bring innovative solutions to the market;
  1. Innovative collaborative projects that involve small/medium-scale companies and industries, start-ups, universities, partners, customers and others to promote and support the development of relevant technologies as well as solutions that respond to the logistics sector’smajor challenges;
  1. A training center that meets the challenges for skills, attractiveness and employability within the logistics sector, taking into account the impacts of new technologies, new logistics professions, logistics acculturation, etc.; and
  1. The organization of activities with the objective of uniting all related players in promoting the sectors’ trades and technologies – as well as transforming its image – to make logistics more attractive and efficient.

Reflecting the collaborative nature of Log’In, the inauguration today brought all of the technical centers’ stakeholders for a privileged moment of meetings and exchanges on specific actions. These actions are aligned with the three main axes of the technical center’s roadmap: warehouse modularity and the adaptation to future needs and evolution (resulting from digitalization and automation); increasingly eco-responsible logistics (including optimizing the energy consumption of buildings along with the application of alternative fuels and reusable packaging; the optimization of flows and movements; the densification of storage, etc.); and the personnel who are at the heart of logistics (training, workstation configuration, etc.).

Today’s event made it possible to assess the progress of the Log’In technical center concept one year after its formal go-ahead in July 2021, particularly:

  • Collaboration based on the different levels of partnership with the associated start-ups in the following domains, who were present at the inauguration: testing of proof-of-concepts/solutions (Kipsum, Pickeos, LivingPackets, Ellona, etc.); the provision of infrastructure and resources (EasyMile); and product co-development (e-cobot, Pryntec and Tilkal);
  • Support for a dozen R&D and proof-of-concept collaborative innovation projects at their various levels of progress (from the scope definition phase to guidance for financing), as well as bringing together approximately 20 partners (manufacturers and start-ups) on such themes as ergonomics, safety, workplace difficulties, digitization, automation, eco-responsibility, etc.;
  • The launch of a first batch of training courses for the professions of logistics operator and logistics manager, as well as inherent issues such as ergonomics;
  • The three service offers proposed by Log’In:
    • Support for the transformation of small-, medium and intermediate-sized companies: Applying the logistics expertise of Log’In and Daher in providing guidance for their organizational, technological and skills aspects;
    • Support for start-ups: Log’In taking the role as an accelerator, as well as guiding start-ups in how to approach the market (identification of market needs, development of solutions, access to the market through the Log’In ecosystem, etc.); and
    • Training: The training center at Log’In has received France’s Qualiopi quality label for training providers, and it has now trained an initial class of multi-skilled logistics agents. Development of the Log’In training offer continues to meet the needs identified in a study on the evolving requirements for industrial logistics in the Occitanie region, which was carried out at the request of the French UIMM (the union of metallurgical industries and trades), the Occitanie region and the Pôle Emploi (the French government’s job center agency for the unemployed/under-employed),with the support of Daher.

Didier Kayat, the Daher CEO, said: “Log’in is a project that has materialized with the backing of Daher’s teams and the important support of the Occitanie region and the French government. This technical center will be the spearhead of innovation in the logistics value chain. It showcases how Daher’s technological know-how will better position the logistics sector for the future, which must take climate and energy challenges into account.”

Etienne Guyot, the Préfet of the Occitanie region and its Haute-Garonne department, stated: “The Log’In open platform will enable companies and start-ups from across the spectrum to develop and quickly test innovative logistics solutions in real situations. It also will be a place of learning for new skills, which absolutely will be necessary for tomorrow. This very beneficial space for sharing and experimentation will support the digital transformation of companies in our region. Developing the industry of the future is a priority objective of the French government and a key element in the competitiveness of our businesses. This is the basis for the support of Log’In by the ‘France Relance’ recovery plan.

Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region, added: “Our region has been engaged in the partnership with Daher since last year to favor the industrial logistics sector’s development and local employment. As a recognized expert and leader, Daher is a motivator for the entire sector. In the race for research and innovation, industrial logistics is a determining factor for our regional companies – which must remain at the forefront. The Log’In platform is a first element of a center of excellence for Industrial Logistics 4.0. It is a structuring project for the entire ecosystem – a true collaborative laboratory of innovation at the service of improved economic and environmental performance. I am proud that such developments will see the light of day in our region. In Occitanie, we continue to support – and massively invest – with the goal of ensuring our economic sovereignty.”