Daher accompanies its customers throughout the production life cycle

With expertise in structural assembly, mechanical assembly and the installation of equipment, Daher offers its services directly on the production lines of its customers or ex situ.

  • 100%

    of A320s that come off the production line were equipped with insulation blankets produced and installed by Daher

  • 50%

    of the Airbus A350 fleet has a cabin installed by Daher’s teams

Our added value

  • A unique know-how

    Unique aviation industry know-how and a mastery of assembly and installation skills, ensuring total quality for customers’ products.

  • Agility and reactivity

    Agility and reactivity to respond as quickly as possible to the industrial capacity constraints of customers.

  • Real support for your production operations

    Real support for customers’ production operations, applying Daher’s industrial DNA at the service of industrialists.

Our offer



Daher designs production and operations methods, from process and tool
Design to field definition and execution.

Delegation of production

Delegation of production

Daher performs production delegation operations – pre-assembly and final
assembly, quality control and supply of modules – which can be in the
customers’ factories or ex situ, in proximity to the production lines.

Outstanding work

Outstanding work

Daher can handle tasks that do not integrate with the nominal flow and therefore are transferred to a secondary flow, including assembly, repair and overhaul.

Installation of aircraft cabin equipment

Installation of aircraft cabin equipment

Daher offers “floor-to-floor” solutions for complete aircraft interior outfitting (from economy class to cockpit equipment) on customer assembly lines or in maintenance workshops – including methods, quality control and logistics coordination.

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