Daher provides airlift resources for France’s “Aviation Sans Frontières” organization during the COVID-19 pandemic

Orlytech, France

Daher has placed two TBM very fast turboprop aircraft and pilots on availability for France’s “Aviation Sans Frontières” humanitarian organization, providing airlift resources in transporting health care personnel and medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first TBM mission was performed on April 7, transferring medical personnel from hospitals in southeastern and southern France (Avignon, Toulon and Nice) to Basel-Mulhouse Airport in the country’s eastern region – which is one of the French areas most affected by the coronavirus.

“Aviation Sans Frontières” (French for: “Aviation without Borders”) has created a collaborative portal on its website (http://asfcovid.wingly.io) to bring together free-of-charge resources from aircraft manufacturers, business aviation operators, aircraft owners and others for the urgent transportation of health care personnel and medical equipment across France and in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Aviation Sans Frontières” call for assistance also is being answered by other companies across France’s aviation sector, including Total (the oil and gas company, which is paying for fuel used by Daher in its TBM airlift flights), and Dassault.

Daher’s transportation support for “Aviation Sans Frontières” is in addition to the company’s mobilization of personnel in its maintenance and logistics for airplanes and helicopters of the French government (French armed forces and Gendarmerie), as well as for TBM and Kodiak aircraft owners and operators who are providing assistance in the battle against the coronavirus.