DAHER mise sur l’innovation au profit de la compétitivité de la filière nucléaire française

Daher leverages innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the French nuclear industry

Paris, June 21, 2016 – Daher, a tier-one equipment supplier, is leveraging innovation to improve the competitiveness of the nuclear industry, which is restructuring at a fundamental level. To achieve its goals, Daher is turning to its expertise in aviation to apply best practices from this excellence sector to the nuclear market.

Daher provides three main offerings with high added value: high-performance valves, a range of tailored nuclear services, and turnkey logistics solutions. These offerings are designed for both new projects and operating sites, as well as research and cycle facilities.

The French and European nuclear industries are currently undergoing radical changes. Our experience with the successful transition in the aviation industry provides us with insight into what the future will bring. We are establishing a position as a key stakeholder in the shift taking place in the French nuclear sector, with an offering focused on streamlining project timetables and costs,” said Hervé de Chillaz, Director of the Advanced Technologies Business Unit.

Valves: less maintenance for lower cost of ownership

All French power plants and a significant share of plants worldwide are equipped with French Vanatome valves.
Daher has innovated to reduce the need for maintenance on the valves, resulting in a substantially lower cost of ownership. In addition, the equipment supplier continues to work with new technologies and materials to offer more compact products.

Turnkey logistics solutions to safeguard new projects and plant operations

Daher has longstanding expertise in providing logistics solutions and streamlining complex industrial processes. The Group offers Supply Chain Provider services and innovative monitoring tools such as the Daher Control Room, which reduce overall costs.

Daher has served as Global Logistics Provider for the ITER project – the largest experimental nuclear fusion facility ever built – since 2012. The Group is responsible for ensuring that all components for the ITER project are delivered safely, securely and under optimal conditions.

As part of this role, Daher successfully organized the transport of one of the longest exceptional loads for the project last March: four beams of enormous proportions (46 m long and weighing 155 metric tons each) that form the lifting bridge in the assembly building where the main reactor components will be pre-assembled.

A range of services specifically designed to meet emerging industrial challenges in the nuclear market

In addition to the standard uranium, fuel and waste transport services, Daher offers innovative nuclear services unlike any other on the market, which provide optimal treatment of all types of nuclear waste, from the smallest operations to the largest and most complex, along with related logistics services. To give one example, Daher is able to provide solutions that combine sorting and treatment operations at customer sites and its own facilities, and manage all or a portion of radioactive effluents in a liquid state, which require flawless compliance with nuclear safety restrictions and excellence in transport.

The equipment supplier is the only player on the market that offers NCS45, a patented, tested, certified transport cask for damaged nuclear fuel rods, in water or hot cells (UBE).

Our teams of experts account for and manage all the challenges of the nuclear industry. That leaves Daher free to focus its efforts on innovation, which we leverage to improve the industry’s competitiveness. We are able to support customers at every step in their value chain and in meeting their industrial challenges, to secure the long-term future of the energy mix,” added Bruno Cahen, Head of Nuclear Service Development.


Daher will be at WNE from June 28 to 30, 2016 Booth EB-E48/F47

and will give a conference on June 30, 2016 at 10:30am entitled “Daher’s turnkey solution for evacuating damaged fuel rods”