Innovation by Daher: the RFID cabinet for enhanced aircraft safety

The teams at Daher have established an innovative solution using RFID technology that manages and tracks small tools at the Airbus production site in Toulouse.

The on-site aviation teams perform various duties, ranging from logistics to industrial aircraft services, and are required to remain in full compliance with the prohibition on foreign object debris/damage (FOD), in order to prevent damage and maintain the maximum level of aircraft safety.
The RFID cabinet is a smart cabinet that tracks all ingoing and outgoing tools in real time. Users can automatically track tools’ calibration and maintenance dates, as well as the exact inventory.
The implementation of the solution was engineered using the DaherLab methodology, in which a proof of concept (PoC) is established that demonstrates the soundness of the system and rapidly identifies the benefits gained from using the technology. The results are positive for the teams at Daher, who are saving time and cutting costs, while improving quality. Plans are being developed to expand the solution to other sites.