Daher, new logistics provider for Turbomeca plants in France

Daher, new logistics provider for Turbomeca plants in France

Paris, May 26, 2015 – Since January 1, 2015, Daher has been operating logistics at Turbomeca’s three French production sites. SAFRAN subsidiary Turbomeca is the world leader in helicopter engines with its range of turbo-shaft engines delivering between 500 and 3,000 shp. This new service allows Daher to strengthen its leadership position in aerospace logistics by proposing an integrated solutions offering.

A global turnkey service which further strengthens Daher’s status as a leader in industrial and aerospace logistics

Beyond its role in operating Turbomeca’s logistics, the award of this new contact puts Daher in a position to propose a global service, with the equipment supplier contributing its expertise as Lead Logistics Provider across Turbomeca’s three French facilities devoted to production of new components (Mantes – Buchelay, Tarnos, Bordes).

Daher’s role involves responsibility for complete in situ logistics, as well as routing of parts and customs management.

This includes:
– handling incoming deliveries, storage, kitting and managing warehouses,
– shipping and customs processing for exports,
– management of partners and subcontractors.

“The global management of the three sites gives us the opportunity to deploy our continuous improvement and standardization processes, the goal being to secure and optimize both supply and production at the Turbomeca facilities. We are proud to be able to demonstrate once again our capacity to fulfill the requirements of major industrial players such as Turbomeca”, comments Patrick Jeanroy, Daher Services Director.